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I am Pál Literáti, I am a Program Designer. I live in Nyíregyháza, I have been teaching IT specialist in the field of adult education since 2006.

During my college years I took helped me to get experience in design, implementation and management of software systems in the field.

I am taking part in development projects, especially in Java, C# and mobile platforms iPhone and Android area.

Presently I am interested in new, effective algorithms, hardware-assisted optimization, artificial intelligence is the focus of attention.

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  • Getting started
  • Testing steps
  • Documenting steps
  • Digital circuits
  • Database management
  • System programming / Linux
  • Java programming
  • Php programming
  • JavaScript programming
  • Getting started knowledge:

    The students learn the preparation documentation of installation and installation process. The students learn, how to train the client to use the software, farther contact and to judge repairs of guarantee and connect them.
    Testing steps:

    The students learn the concepts, task ands types of the testing tools.They work out cases of tests and analyze the test results. Students learn the debugging methods.
    Documenting steps:

    The students study requirements of technical documentation. They learn to document the requirements of source, version tracking and archiving tools.They study and make user documentation.
    Digital circuits knowledge:

    The students learned set up of the computer in basic training. After this they will learn about the logical algebra, application of this, and logic circuits.
    Database management:

    The students learn the modern database management software. They study the concepts of database management (relational data model, key, indexes, database design), the characteristics of programs (work surface structure, view mode, file operations, database elements), the operations of tables (create, views, edit, import, export, search). They learn and apply the query.

    System programming / Linux knowledge:

    The students study most of the shell of the UNIX/LINUX operating systems, including such as Bourne shell (sh), and improved versions (Bourne Again Shell, bash; Korn shell, ksh) advanced options.

    Task List
    Java programming knowledge:

    The students learn to develop Java applications, and create distributed systems, client and server side programs.They get to know the paradigm of object-oriented programming (OOP), the Java language and OO procedural structure, Java source classes and packages.

    Php programming knowledge:

    The students learn to developed server-side applications.They further their knowledge of object-oriented programming (OOP), they acquire the use of php framework. Php and descriptive languages will make students capable of using and developing private and business systems, construction.
    Javascript programming knowledge:

    Students learn the use of client-side scripts, mainly the most popular javascript framework: jQuery. They with the help of javascript and jQuery students can create a more user-oriented interface.

    JavaScript Hard Core
    HTML / XHTML / XML knowledge:

    The students learn the basic HTML elements (character formatting, line formatting, hyperlinks, lists, create pictures, charts, navigation, etc.).

    They students learn the concepts of XML technology and Its relationship with XSL language and the DOM (document, data structures, syntax, namespace).

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